Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Language Arts Consultant

What Administrators Say:

Mary Ledbetter's work is not only teacher-friendly, but classroom-proven. Her books are filled with practical strategies and techniques that can be used immediately with all students, from the struggling, reluctant writer to the more proficient writer. These are a "must-have" for every educator teaching writing.

Jeannie Donoghue
Professional Development Director
Bureau of Education and Research

Melissa BarnettTeachers in search of highly effective strategies to teach writing need to look no further than the expertise of Mary Ellen Ledbetter. Her extensive experience, wealth of knowledge, and captivating presentations fill educators' minds with practical, ready-to-use lessons to take student writing beyond their highest expectations. My teachers spared no time in returning to their classrooms and building a whole new model of writing instruction based on Ms. Ledbetter's models.

Melissa Barnett
ELA Department Supervisor
Washington Township Schools
Sewell, NJ

Dr Sharon Konowitz, Supervisor & College ProfessorI cannot say enough great things about Mary Ellen Ledbetter! As a High School Departmental Supervisor, I was lucky to have her present at our school every year of my employment. First, Mary has a wealth of experience and gave the teachers in my department so many different strategies and techniques to improve writing skills and encourage student participation in the classroom. I not only utilized her strategies within my department but even at home with my own young readers. In addition, I continue to incorporate her ideas in my college-level courses. Her presentations are fast-paced, energetic and fun! You will absolutely fall in love with Mary's ideas and her amazing personality. I consider Mary a mentor, role model and friend. She even makes herself available long after her presentations for questions and ideas. I highly recommend Mary if you need a new, fresh and innovative presenter!

Dr. Sharon Konowitz
Supervisor & College Professor

Mary Ledbetter brings back the fun of learning through the successes of your students. Students begin to authentically enjoy writing. I have seen teachers sit down and do the prompts themselves because they want to, which has been a powerful tool for the revision process for students to read and respond to their teacher's writing alongside theirs. Because Mary speaks the same language as teachers and students, she can help educators understand that feedback from students is VITAL to governing the focus of instruction. She can also help teachers give effective, meaningful responses to students in a way that produces fun, yet vigorous learning. After a Ledbetter seminar, the excitement of learning begins to "infect" classrooms.

Kim Irvine

What Teachers and Students Say:

Mary Ellen is a nationally renowned speaker, author, and educational consultant who leads the way in writing instruction in the classroom. With her expert guidance in all aspects of English Language Arts, she has helped thousands of teachers transform the way they deliver writing instruction. Mary Ellen has authored numerous books, each offering innovative techniques, tools, and tricks for improving student writing and language. In addition to presenting as a consultant for the Bureau of Education and Research, she visits schools across the United States and Canada, demonstrating her unique student-centered approach to administrators, teachers, and students. Not only is Mary Ellen a dynamic speaker, she shares her love and passion for writing in a way that motivates and encourages teachers and students alike

Melissa Castillo, CPLC
Director/Owner at Straight Outta Class Teacher Resources

After attending Mary Ellen Ledbetter workshops, those synaptic sparks fly, creative ideas churn, and I walk away with copious techniques to pique my students' interest and cultivate engagement in substantial writing. From modeling strong writing, to practicing quick writes, longer pieces, and then peer review, our learning time is imbibed with research-based-best practices. In fact, M.E.L. instructional techniques are so effective, my students have achieved consistent, high-performance on their state assessments. You might even overhear a conversation in the hallway among upperclassmen, as I did the other day, talking about HOW they used some of these techniques on a college paper. I just can't recommend enough the Mary Ellen Ledbetter training to teachers seeking a fresh, motivational method for getting students excited about writing.

Karen Yoder Wiersig
English I Instructor

Although I have taught AP literature for many years and have graded AP literature exams for many years as well, I found this seminar most insightful since it correlates so effectively with the expectations established by the College Board, namely to encourage all students to recognize and embrace the power of literature and writing. I can hardly wait to return to my classroom to implement some of the strategies. I feel some of my own work load lifted since the strategies presented in the seminar have allowed students to recognize their own sense of responsibility.

Carlos C.
High School English

The Writing in Stages was mind-blowing. We usually start a writing task and do not stop until the final essay is finished. I never thought to stop, take a break, continue writing, etc. I also love the Smiley-Face Tricks for voice and cannot wait to implement them into my class. The overall breakdown of writing is just absolutely amazing!

Whitney S.
Morristown, TN

Excellent, engaging and intellectual presentation! Definitely appealed to higher levels of academic demands while making strategies manageable for all learners.

Kristy R.
High School Social Studies Teacher

I am rejuvenated and realize that I have the right to a life and now have a mission to start modeling and conferencing with my students. Mary Ellen was truly the best presenter I have ever had due to her great sense of humor, attitude, and knowledge / experience.

Diette O.
High School English

A ten-point scale would not do Mary Ellen justice! Presence, humor, and knowledge base are extraordinary. I learned and enjoyed myself.

Michael L.
Supervisor of LA & SS

Yet another fabulous presentation by Mary Ledbetter! She just knows how to change difficult or boring concepts into simpler and interesting ones that are perfect for our classrooms.

Adrienne M.
LA Teacher

What Students Say:

I sat in a 7th grade English class, enamored by a dedicated teacher who kept our attention by bringing her passion and enthusiasm each day. She provided inspiration and then gave us room to flourish. This is where I found my voice and my love for writing. Mary Ellen Ledbetter captivated me with her steady stream of positive comments and smiley faces for voice in the margins of my papers. With all of the daily tasks a teacher churns through, she always made time for encouraging words and creative exercises that pushed us in new directions. As a writer on my journey to complete my first novel, I'm grateful that to this day she is still paving the way for others to make the very profound difference she made in my life.

LeeJayne Stone
Former Student

Mary Ellen is an excellent teacher and writing consultant. Her high-energy workshops and seminars engage students of all ability levels. My writing has greatly benefited from participating in her workshops. I highly recommend Mary Ellen's teaching expertise.

Kivan Polomis, PhD
Data Scientist at MAANA
Former Student